There is nothing more disempowering than believing you’re just a human body trying to live supernaturally. True empowerment comes through understanding there is more substance in your spirit than your body.

Wherever you’re sitting reading this right now is very real.  It is the temporal real world. But you’re also sitting in the supernatural world of the spirit. Take a snapshot of where you are this moment, and know that everything you see with your eyes in the natural will be gone. But think about the fact that the supernatural world you are also seeing will go on forever and ever and ever eternally.

To be empowered is to understand that your spirit is stronger, with more substance, and eternal over your body or your mind. We are truly body and soul and spirit. This does not mean we act like God. It means we act as if God is in us. This requires “Renewing Our Mind.” We renew our mind to get rid of negative evil speculation of situations we are currently abiding in, or those we will face tomorrow or over the next period of time in our file.

Have you ever noticed how, when we speculate about anything, we always speculate and focus on the downside?

As Kris Vallotton once said: “If someone is supposed to be home for dinner at 6:00 and it’s now 7:00, where does our mind go? By 8:00 we’re ready to call the hospitals and the police. We never “speculate” on the positive. Maybe somebody called them and said drop by the bank we just discovered that someone gave you $1,000,000 cash.” Get the point? We always speculate on the negative.

 Dr. Bill Bright once taught me to give people positive nicknames. When he saw me he would always say “Michael the Magnificent!” At first I thought it was weird. But then I began to rejoice in this Man of God’s “label” for me because it was so positive.

Bill observed that in the United States we always refer to people as, “She’s the one with the buck teeth.” “He’s the one with the ears like a Volkswagen with its doors open.” “Oh, she’s the fat one.”

Bill taught me in other cultures they never do that. They will say “she is the beautiful, light-skinned one with the pretty teeth.” “He is the one with the ears that can hear all the goodness on the planet.” You get the point.

First you must understand your own value. Stop looking for proof around you that people do not value you. That will kill your empowering nature.

Know first and foremost that God loves you. God is smiling when he thinks of you. That will be the beginning of your empowerment.

Stop asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” In the face of criticism or difficulties ask these two questions: “What does this mean?” and “What do you, God, want me to do right now?” Then stop, get quiet and listen. Spend the next seven days focusing only on what is really good about yourself. Do not talk about what is wrong with yourself.

Simultaneously, in every relationship begin to focus totally on the good in the other person not what you think are flaws. Speak out loud to that person about that which is good about them. Do the same out loud about yourself.

You have more than enough!

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