Love Never Fails

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My dad told me, “I’ve never met a stranger.”

When I was thinking about him, I started thinking about who I know in my sphere of influence that actually loves everybody. A few people came to mind that are very unique in that way. Forgiveness means we have reset the relationship; we should not build a case against a person once we you have forgiven them…if we forgive them, we should forget about it from that point on. We can hold people accountable for a “current event.”

I am so sick of people tossing the word “love” around. They don’t really know what love really looks like.

How many times have you gotten a letter that starts out with several “I love you’s…” and then comes the big but…which would be spelled like this: BUTT!

Do you want to live with no regrets? Forgiveness is one of the major supernatural tangible powers that anybody can use to love somebody.

You will not live with regrets if you take the time to look into another person’s eyes and understand how to find the gold in the dirt of that person’s life.

It takes no brains to be critical or find wrong in people. It takes wisdom, perseverance, faith and real intelligence to find the gold in a person. Then the willpower is helping them find it for themselves.

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  1. WilliamOr says:

    Wow, great forum post.Much thanks again. Will read on… Wisener

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