Compassionate Capitalism? How could that be? Doesn’t capitalism usually conjures up a vision of Wall Street “dog-eat-dog, law of the jungle, every person for themselves?” I know, as I have been to Wall Street twice for IPO’s of companies I help found. Those bankers will sell their grandmothers for ¼ point of profit.

Michael CliffordI learned how to use my energy, my ambition and my spirit of enterprise to begin a journey down a path in which the spirit of capitalism–combined with powerful, unwavering moral values–inextricably merged for success. While I have not mastered “compassionate capitalism” to my personal standards, I continue to inculcate my lifestyle with these principles.

A reporter once told me that he has not found anybody who has been the founder of two IPO’s less than a year apart. Grand Canyon University (LOPE) and Bridgepoint Education (BPI) are those two companies. While I take a lot of credit for being one of the people who helped create the “A to Z” strategy for revolutionizing online education for adult learners, 99.9% of all the credit goes to the management teams that I had a small part in assembling to create these fantastic companies.

But the way to really learn from my journey is to learn from my failures. In the months to come, I will get enough courage to blog about my most stunning failures.

Yes, you will hear about the success stories along the way like the creation of the Jack Welch Management Institute, the Forbes Business School, the Ken Blanchard College of Business, Ministry.com and others in the pipeline… But! It is the failures that are most valuable to study…

To me, the best part about being an Entrepreneur is the positive social Impact that one can have on the world in which we live, like my journey to date:

  • Hundreds of thousands of students recruited and graduated
  • 10,000 new jobs created in the worst economy since the Great Depression
  • $1.8 billion in new construction projects
  • Billions of dollars of surplus for increased compensation for employees and gigantic returns for investors

It is all about relationships in business. I really don’t like the term “Networking.” I replace it in my vocabulary with the word “Relationships.”

Relationships are what drive business.  When you walk into a meeting think about what you can do to serve the other person, not your agenda. You will be amazed at how beneficial this will be to your personal career.

As an “Entrepreneur”, the greatest joy I have is “creating something from nothing.”

Join me if you are an Entrepreneur or dream about being an Entrepreneur… From time to time I will drop notes in this blog while I continue my journey as an “Entrepreneur Loving Compassionate Capitalism.”