There is a great black gospel song by the title “Changing the Atmosphere.” I love it.

It tells a story of a man who becomes so powerful in his faith that he practices walking into the room of people in difficult situations specifically to “change the atmosphere.”

This is not mind over matter. If you’re a spiritual person, you’ll see it the way I do. If not, even Tony Robbins would admit that he can change the atmosphere of a situation by what he says.

Recently, I have been practicing changing the atmosphere in the meetings or phone calls which I attend. First, I evaluate each individual and try to figure out where they are today. Secondly, I find the opposite to what I believe the space in which they are abiding in the moment.

Then systematically, building my muscles of influence, I began to take dominion over the tone of the meeting. A few right words here or there can truly help change the atmosphere in the meeting.

Some people would call this witchcraft or control, but I call it “positive influence.” Never would I advocate these techniques for evil.

In a business setting, I use this developing mental muscle to help empower all stakeholders to first totally align them, then I encourage them to get there by supporting each other. Next time you walk into a meeting, take everybody’s temperate mentally. Establish the opposite of what they’re thinking. Use those positive thoughts to articulate words that get all the stakeholders on the same page.

Try this in your next few meetings and let me know how it goes?

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