Knowing What’s Not Working Before It’s Too Late = Success


What if  your team had data analytics in real time for your Institution to improve now the following areas:

Financial Visibility
Enrollment Online/Ground
Fundraising Development

What if  this proposal pays for itself many times over quickly?

What if  your team had an advocate to navigate the absolute best service provider relationships?

What if  we provided financing with a fresh strategy we develop together to propel your institution forward?

What if my experience both good and bad plus valuable relationships become your advocate for success?

What if together […]

How To Get Paid A Lot More At Your Current Gig!


OK…get ready! Here is some super-valuable, career-enhancing secret sauce!

Every company WORTH working for today values investing in what financial analysts call “Human Capital.” By the way, that is YOU!

SO…IF you want jump-start your earning power, consider enrolling in an Immersive Accelerated Program. Usually 20 weeks…five full days a week…there are some that are part-time but try for the intensive immersion.

And yes, companies WILL pay for you to reset your skills to become more valuable to your company.


Data Analytics. Why? Because EVERY company in every department needs […]

Owners & Management: Would you like “Two-Bites-of-the-Apple?”


You should! I am befuddled at how many super-star CEO’s plus their Boards MISS the value of this strategy. It is so simple…

We just finished a full day meeting with a highly successful family office investment group in Austin. They have remarkable success. What I learned:

CEOs & CFOs are not planning “the-right-kind-of-financial” partners in advance of their company’s needs…not out in front of the growth opportunities.
Finding the right private equity investor turbo-charges C-Suite value creation.
CEO’s & CFO’s underestimate the growth […]



As someone who loves helping people live better lives via education, the last 25 years has been a wonderful journey. Our family office has invested in for-profit education companies resulting in two successful IPOs, as well as brand name high-quality education niches like the Jack Welch Management Institute and the Forbes Business School. These are terrific entities serving business leaders. We have also donated millions to non-profit organizations, especially those who use education to help lift people up.

We are especially proud of one particular GED program where people who are doing drugs on the streets or […]

The Power of God Saved Shawn


Student Loan Forgiveness through A+ Processing