Education Investor Update Alert: It Is a New Day!


My phone is ringing with investors who are slowly waking up to the facts:

A radically new government is about to change everything about Education K thru 20 in America on January 20, 2017…time to move forward.
This President-Elect has spent 50-years overcoming obstacles: unions, environmentalists, IRS, SEC, regulators, international governments, tort lawyers, media bias, financial ups & downs, strikes…but always winning for that which he was passionate…and he is passionate about Education.
We are now entering a new EPOCH of OPPORTUNITY for education, institutions, entrepreneurs, corporate training, human resource leaders, teachers, techies […]

How Donald Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election


Campaign and data insights that led Donald Trump to win the Presidential election.
Watch the video presented below:

&nbsp […]



Calling People of Faith…

Okay everyone…

This is a special message to anyone who believes in a Higher Power. For the record, for me my Higher Power is Jesus Christ.


Beyond the presidential election–whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or just pissed off about everything–People of Faith need to bring HEALING to our country.

No matter what you think politically, we must come together with a peaceful transition of power. It doesn’t mean we back down from our convictions; but as my dear pastor Tommy Barnett always taught us growing up […]

How to Increase Surplus Funding While Expanding Access?

What If…we could align all your stakeholders around a data dashboard to solve problems…

What If…you could draw on my 20+ years of relationships & scar tissue to improve all the important metrics of your school…

What If…my help becomes a surplus/profit center for your school…

What If…we can use our Business Intelligence Data Analytics system to quickly turnaround financial challenges…

What If…we can attract Money, Marketing & Management to transfer control of valuable core competencies to your Institution…

Now we can provide real […]

Data Tells The Story | We Now Can Change The Story


In today’s business world, especially for nonprofit organizations like schools, “seeing” forward is a critical management tool. Our group now insists that any investment, company or ministry we help engage in the Business Intelligence Data Analytics platform we use. Some instant benefits are:

Reduced Executive Time Chasing Unseen Problems 

Reduce Staff to Create Reports
Reduce Hardware Costs
End Redundant Meetings
Better Understand Enrollment Funnel
Accurate Financial Forecasting
Understand the Marketing Campaigns to Eliminate Losers | Increase Winners
Solve Key Business Initiatives Quickly Based on Facts Not Emotions
Increase Revenues

Stop Looking In Your Rearview […]

President & CEO’s: Want To Increase Your Revenues?


We protect leadership from embarrassing situations. How? By providing Business Intelligence with experienced counsel to continually improve all the important metrics of your institution.

Let me tell you…as the founder of Grand Canyon University, the predecessor of Ashford University, Jack Welch Management Institute and the Forbes Business School (and others), I have lived through multiple near-death situations because the data was wrong that we based our critical decisions upon. IT IS PAINFUL.

Tired of always looking in the rearview mirror? Weary of being unpleasantly surprised when projections are missed? Tired of emotional […]