Biography of Dr. Michael K. Clifford

Michael K. Clifford has been an entrepreneur since his first paper route at age 13. Michael has made and lost tens of millions of dollars. He believes one’s failures are more valuable than success.

He has created companies in Christian In-patient Psychological Treatment, charitable fundraising (helping to raise over $400M in gifts), advertising & public relations, sold the largest Six Sigma consulting agreement ($80M), managed a Presidential Campaign, created the second largest grossing political documentary in history, produced the award-winning film D.O.P.E., currently is creating several online content sites and has created two companies that were back-to-back IPOs in higher education (LOPE & BPI).

Dr. Michael K. Clifford is an education thought leader and entrepreneur with a passion for making higher education attainable to anyone with the dream of a degree. As a catalyst for creating high-quality education institutions, Clifford embraces online education as the way to offer opportunities to students who otherwise might be shut out of a future.

CliffordCapital has been the lead investor/catalyst for saving several Christian universities that were closing their doors, resulting in the industry’s best-performing IPO in 2008 with Grand Canyon University and founding the predecessor to Bridgepoint Education, the best-performing IPO of 2009. Clifford also is credited with creating education programs for the underserved student populations in both nonprofit as well as for-profit schools. Clifford created the Ken Blanchard College of Business, Jack Welch Management Institute, and the Forbes Business School.

Michael Clifford

Michael loves helping people live better lives via education. He has several Honorary Doctorates from regionally accredited institutions. Currently, Clifford is enabling regionally accredited institutions to increase their top line revenue via innovative online degrees by providing the Money, Management and Marketing.

To date, his real joy is the fact that, as an entrepreneur, he has been the catalyst to help create thousands of high paying jobs, $1.2B invested in real estate for schools, graduated hundreds of thousands of students with billions-of-dollars in return to institutions as well as investors.

Michael is also currently working with Boards, Investors and CEOs on investment business development strategies to rapidly increase shareholder value. This includes generational transition of family businesses.

Clifford loves mentoring entrepreneurs as he attributes much of his success to his mentors. His family office invests in start-ups, as well as co-invests alongside traditional venture capital and/or private equity firms. Michael acts as an advisor to companies of all sizes as well as for investment firms. Clifford’s charity-of-choice is where he offers personal tours to anyone who will take one. He lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California, with his best pal, Lindsey, enjoying their four terrific children plus Lindsey’s ministry. He has trouble sitting still, loves sailing, deep sea fishing movies, and as a former trumpet player of all genres of music.